Seven Amazing Benefits Of Hiking With Your Dog

When most dog owners think of exciting adventures with their four-legged friends, they do not ever imagine hiking. It may be because you are not sure if your dog would enjoy it or maybe you just need a little convincing. Dogs actually like going on hikes. In fact, hiking with a dog can be a very rewarding experience for many reasons. Here are seven reasons to consider hiking with your canine friend.

  • Exercise

You very likely know about the benefits of exercise for humans, but did you know that dogs benefit a ton from exercise too? Exercise can help lower their blood pressure, keep their hearts healthy, slow aging, help their minds stay sharp, increase their metabolism, and improve their mood, just to mention a few. Remember to keep your dog on a leash to prevent them from wandering off during the exercise.

  • Calorie Cut-Down

You and your dog can benefit from a calorie cut-down. We’re not saying they will go skinny or anything, but this kind physical activity can help your dog maintain their ideal weight. Maintaining a good weight increases your dog’s years by fifteen percent.

  • Reduce Stress

Physical activity in outdoor spaces is always a great stress reliever. You and your canine pal can get a well-deserved break from all the stress of your normal routines.

  • Mental Stimulation

It is very important for your pet to get adequate mental stimulation. A lack of mental stimulation can result in mischief in young dogs and mental decline in older dogs. Getting out for a hike is very beneficial for mental stimulation because it exposes your dog to new sights and smells. Get creative with your dog as you both relate to mother nature.

  • Bond Building

Hiking is a great way to spend quality time with your dog. You get to explore new adventures with your canine friend, which adds to all the wonderful memories you share. This fresh adventure will deepen the bond you share with your pet. Who knows, you may discover things about your dog and vice versa. To make the experience more special, you could get a collar that says something symbolic.

  • Dog Training

Hikes offer a great time to strengthen your dog’s training and etiquette. If your dog has not yet learned how to sit and heel, try getting to train them in nature where there’s little distraction. Play games that get them to listen for your voice in the woods and follow it. You could also practice recalling new scents and sights you come across. You may want to consider training your dog while they are wearing a harness. It is safer for them and will better help you ensure their safety as you brave the adventures that lie in wait.

  • Cure Boredom

A hiking trip might just be what your dog needs. If you are dealing with a bored pup, try this. It will help them to get out of the environment that is making them bored into a place where they can spend quality time with you. You would be surprised what this kind of fun activity can do for your dog.