Mastering The Art Of Dog Walking

We all know that dogs should be walked at least once a day, yet a fifth of dog owners do not walk their dogs every day. It all comes down to motivation and making it a habit. Remember that walking is not only terrific exercise for you and your dog, but it is also beneficial to your dog's general health. Here are some tips for dog walking that will make your walks more pleasurable for both you and your dog.


Wear Reflective Gear

If you don't have sidewalks in your community, make sure vehicles can see you from a distance. If you walk your dog at night, wear something reflective to ensure your safety and the safety of your dog. If most of your walks are in the night, you may also acquire a luminous dog leash.


Bring Treats

Always keep some snacks on hand. You may not only use them to train your dog on walks by rewarding them with a treat when they walk well, but you can also use them to keep your dog focused when faced with distractions. You don't have to use store-bought sweets if you're on a tight budget. You may make your own nutritious DIY dog treats with fruits and vegetables you already have on hand. Chopped up meat is nearly always a way to capture a dog's interest.


Avoid Walking on Hot Sidewalks

Do you want to know if the sidewalk is too hot for your dog? Place your hand or barefoot on the sidewalk for a few seconds. It's too hot for your dog's feet if it's too hot for your skin. Hot sidewalks are not only uncomfortable, but they can also cause major injury to your dog's paws. On hot days, you may go for a walk in the woods, go to the park, or walk in the grass. If your dog is somewhat tolerant, you can even purchase them some booties to protect their paws. You might also walk early in the morning or later in the evening to escape the intense sun.


Proper Tags

When you leave the house with your dog, make sure they are wearing ID tags. Unfortunately, pets do go missing from time to time. Make sure your dog's tags are up to date and that it is wearing them. As protective collars may be wriggled out of, consult with your veterinarian about obtaining a microchip. If you obtain a microchip for your dog, make sure to register it. Anyone who scans your dog for a chip can contact you as long as your information is up to date.


Bring Enough Water

Bring lots of water for your dog if you're going to be walking for more than a half hour or if you're going to be strolling in hot weather. Dogs have a more difficult time controlling their body temperature than humans do, making it simple for them to overheat. Furthermore, because dogs sweat by panting, they can easily become dehydrated when exercising, especially in hot weather. You may buy a collapsible water bottle or bring your own container.