Top Advantages Of Using A Martingale Dog Collar

While martingale dog collars used to only be popular with Greyhound dog owners, they have been increasingly used for other breeds of dogs in recent years thanks to the numerous advantages they possess. Read on to find out more about martingale dog collars as well as the benefits associated with using them.

Martingale Dog Collar

Also known as a no-slip or limited-slip collar, martingale dog collars are perfect for owners who need extra control when walking their dog. Oftentimes, they are used on dogs like Greyhounds that are prone to slipping or backing out from their collars. This is because Greyhounds have a narrow head that is oftentimes as thin as their neck, making it easy for them to slip out from collars. If you own other breeds with similar structures or also slip out from their collars easily, then it may be time to start using a martingale dog collar.

Preventing Neck Injuries

For the longest time, choke collars and slip collars are used to control dogs. Both these collars work by tightening whenever the owner pulls on the leash, which makes it easy for dogs to choke. While martingale collars also tighten when pulled, there is a limit as to how tight the collar can become.

One-third of a martingale collar is made of a softer fabric that is used to adjust the tightness of the collar. Using the D-ring, owners can easily adjust and use a fit that is most suitable for their dog. Ideally, the maximum tightness of the collar should not be narrower than the thickness of the dog’s neck. This way, owners will be able to tighten their control on their dogs without choking them. Moreover, martingale collars are designed such that pressure is distributed evenly around the dogs’ necks. As opposed to the commonly-used metal used on choke collars, some martingale collars come with padding around them or are made of soft and comfortable materials such as leather. This way, dogs wearing the collar will feel more comfortable and are less likely to be injured from any friction.

Ideal for Training

Due to how martingale collars are essentially a safer alternative to choke and slip collars, they are an extremely ideal type of dog collar to be used for training purposes. Regardless of whether you are training a new puppy or a rescued dog to not pull on a leash, martingale collars will ensure that teaching will be done safely until they learn some basic commands. The tightening that occurs when they pull on the leash also encourages behavioral learning and helps them understand what they need to pay attention to.

Things To Look Out For

While there are many advantages associated with martingale dog collars, one should also take note of certain limitations. This includes the possibility of the D-ring being caught on objects, not being ideal for use on smaller dogs, as well as posing a choking hazard with improper fitting.