Why Do Your Dogs Need Toys?

There is a wide selection of dog toys that you can easily get from the store. But, are they truly necessary? If you are a new dog owner and wondering whether you need to get toys for your pet, we have put together a series of reasons why dogs need toys and how they can help them maintain their health.

Toys Tucker Dogs Out

Letting your dogs play with toys stimulates their mind so they will feel tired much faster than going for a walk for 30 minutes. The toys will drain them of their energy so you can prepare them for their afternoon nap.

Building Dog’s Independence

Dogs are pack animals and they are not generally built to spend long periods of time on their own. As pet owners, some of us may not have enough time to spend with our dogs throughout the entire day. Thus, giving them toys will keep them entertained while you are away for work or when running errands. Your dog will also learn that it can still have fun without your company and thus, building its sense of independence. It will also have a greater tendency to not crave for your attention when you are busy getting things done around the house.

Toys Are Fun

Dogs love toys. Toys are fun and they provide great excitement to your dog’s daily routine.

Toys Support Learning in Dogs

There are many interactive toys that can support your dog’s ability to learn. Toys can help them to develop new skills and also promote their natural behavior such as exploring, foraging, and playing.

Keeping Dogs Relaxed with Toys

Toys can help to relax your dog and make them achieve a deeper sense of happiness. Playing in itself is a rewarding experience as it can help to counteract the effects of stress. Dogs that play with toys also gain good control of their environment which can help them to manage stress better. The more toys that you get for your dog, the more relaxed it will feel.

Addressing Behavior Problems

There are many behavior problems in dogs that you can address or prevent. If your dog barks excessively, getting toys for your dog can help to reduce the barking. There are also some dogs that excessively chew at inappropriate objects such as shoes. Getting them chew toys can help you to tackle this inappropriate behavior.

Brings You Closer Together

When you get your dog toys, it will appreciate you for the fun and excitement that it is going to have. This can help you get closer to your dog and build a positive relationship together. Each time that your dog plays with the toys that you get for it, it will associate the fun experience with you and thus grow more affectionate towards you.

If you are unsure of the types of toys that your dog is going to love, you can experiment by buying several different toys. Different breeds of dogs need different toys so it is perfectly fine if you do not get it right the first time.