Your Dog: Common Bad Habits & How To Break Them

Have you tried scolding your dog every time it misbehaves? Many of us have. However, before you fly off the handle, one of the most crucial factors to take note of when it comes to correcting bad behavior is that punishment does not work. Most often than not, dogs do not understand what exactly they are being punished for, and they will react by learning how to hide the behavior. If you are looking to break some of your dog’s bad habits, here are some tips that we have put together for you to try out whenever they misbehave.

Chewing Inappropriate Things

Chewing is normal for dogs as they explore their surroundings with their mouth. Chewing also helps dogs to relieve boredom and stress while also helping to keep their teeth clean. When you see your dog chewing inappropriate things such as shoes, redirect them to something more appropriate like a stuffed or chew toy that is meant for pets. After they have successfully moved on to the appropriate object, praise them for their correct chewing behavior.

Barking at Doorbell

Dogs bark at the doorbell for various reasons. Some of them are anxious or excited about visitors, whereas some may bark at the doorbell out of a habit. There are also some dogs that equate their barking with you opening the door as they think that they are actually training you to open the door as they bark. One of the tricks to try to break the habit is to use the teach and reward method. Teach your dog to sit on a nearby mat while waiting for the door to be opened.

Digging the Yard

Digging gives dogs a very fulfilling sensation. They dig to release pent-up energy or to reach a certain scent. You can help your dog to practice this behavior appropriately by sectioning off part of your yard or building a sandbox where he is allowed to dig. Make sure to mark the area with clear visual markings and include toys and treats within the space to entice them to dig at the new area instead of the old one.

Barking in Car

When a dog barks in the car, it may be expressing certain emotions that can range from frustration to fear or even joy. You can address this behavior by using restraint equipment such as a dog’s harness or a proper crate to create a more secure environment that makes them feel safe. You can also look for a pheromone spray that relaxes your dog or let them play with a toy during the whole car ride.

Begging at Table

Your dog may look cute when it begs for food at the table. However, it is not proper behavior. You can tackle this bad habit by making sure that you do not feed your dog anything from the table when you are eating. It may be hard to give in to that adorable face but over time, your dog will come to understand that it is not an appropriate behavior. When you are eating at the table, keep them occupied with their own food or toys.