Rainbow 6 In One Rope And Leather Padded Leash


  • 6 Leashes in One- Easy to use- See Video Below  
  • Transforms to 4 feet 5 feet and 6 feet in length, Cross Body Leash (Handsfree),    
         Walk 2 Dogs on one leash. Easy tether option.
  • Hand Crafted by dog lovers with hand stitched details and environmental friendly
  • Schock Absorbing
  • Safe and provides freedom for your pup
  • Strong and Durable Interwoven Nylon Rope for Strength and Safety
  • Great for all types of weather and requires minimal to no maintenance
  • The perfect marriage of functionality and simplicity 
  • Vibrant colors to stand out from the crowd 

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    hannah flack
    Best leash ever!!

    This is the coolest leash we've ever had! We constantly get compliments on it and even our dog trainer was impressed. Seriously, I never thought I could get this excited over a leash, but it really is that great!

    Zanna Knight
    Best made leash ever and beautiful

    This leash is so beautifully made, from the lovely rainbow pattern to the 5-6 leather holders to keep the various rings in place. It is very sturdy, cheerful to look at, and easy to adjust.An item of quality. I was impressed.

    Collars and leashes

    I just received my collars and leashes. The rolled collars are SO soft and buttery feeling. I love them! The bright pink is gorgeous. Love the rainbow 6-in-one leashes too. What a clever design! Can’t wait for it to stop raining to actually take the pups for a walk and use them. The packaging is beautiful! Top quality product and packaging.

    Pamela Bailey
    Best collars and leashes ever.

    Laser. product I am ever found. Not only are they made by a caring group but with great quality. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

    Cecilia Richter
    Gorgeous Leash

    I’m so in love with the colors and pattern of this beautiful leash on my Goldendoodle, (bought the matching collar too), that I don’t mind the fact that it has no handle. I just loop my wrist through the opening created at the end. If I have a second dog to walk one day, the fact that it’s convertible to a two-dog leash will come in handy. I had to hunt for an attractive rounded collar because my dog's curly hair knots so much under flat collars. I receive many compliments on this leash and collar and they are both made well and I know will last me for years to come.