4 Foot Round Vibrant Colored Soft Rolled/Round Leather Leash


The 4 Foot Round Leather Leash is nothing like a traditional leash. It is made of the softest Italian leather that looks, smells, and feels extravagant. It is perfectly rounded with no visible stitching or seam for a clean and refined look. Inside the round leather is a nylon rope which makes the leash exceptionally strong. This leash is handcrafted to stand the test of time with a focus on hand-stitched details to showcase superior craftsmanship.

The leash is available in four different widths for you to choose from depending on the size of your dog as well as your preference. We recommend Very Small to Small dogs using 1/4" to 1/3" Medium dogs 1/3" to 2/5" and large dogs a 1/2" thickness.

The thicker the lead the softer and more comfortable it feels to the owner leading the dog.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Susan K Roberts
Nicely done

Color and texture are wonderful

Pretty, but broken

I’ve had this leash for less than a month and the end of the hook that's attached to the leash snapped. My dog is a 12-pound havapoo puppy, and although she pulls a little when excited, she doesn’t pull much.

Marsha Thackrey
Exceptional lead

Very nice nice leather and color.

Bev Bozin
Great quality

It’s well made and easy to attach to collar. Soft and more you use it the softer it is. Nice coordinated look, collar, harness and leash.

Poppy's mom
An absolutely superb leash for the best pup in the world!

I know everyone believes they have the best pup in the world, and they are not wrong, so doesn't the best pup in the world deserve the best leash in the world? This leash is truly the best! The perfectly rolled leather is velvety soft to the touch, the leash has a weight and strength to it to securely hold the strongest pup, and rolled loop handle so comfortably curves in your hand, it feels as if it was custom made for you and your best friend. Honestly, it is ridiculous how wonderful this leash is! Treat yourself and your pup to the best leash in the world!