How To Welcome A New Puppy Into Your Home

Bringing home a new pup is certainly a fun and fascinating experience for you and the whole family. Introducing your new four-legged companion to the household is the first chapter in your wonderful start as a pet parent! If you’re unsure how to welcome a new puppy into its new forever home, read this helpful step-by-step guide.

Things to Prepare Before They Arrive

Prior to bringing your new pup into the house, you will require some essential purchases. Make sure you’ve got everything on this new puppy shopping checklist:

  • A collar, harness, and lead
  • A comfy bed with your puppy’s old blanket from the adoption center or breeder
  • Good-quality puppy kibble – preferably the brand he’s been eating from birth
  • Food and water bowls
  • Training treats and toys
  • A training crate or playpen
  • Potty tray, potty pads, and newspapers
  • Stain and odor remover spray

What to Do When They Arrive

Pick your puppy up in the morning so it has a full day in its new residence. Allow them to explore every area, concentrating on the space where their food and water bowls, playpen, and bed are placed. Throughout these initial stages, remember not to be overexcited or hover over your puppy excessively. Instead, allow them plenty of room and time to roam around.

Pet your puppy only when they approach you first, but if not, maintain a calm and composed vibe as they adjust to their unfamiliar surroundings. After they’ve fully explored the house and appear more comfortable, you can start on their everyday routine. Play with them, feed them their lunch, teach them reward-based commands, and potty train them.

How to Introduce Your Children to the Puppy

Your kids will be understandably thrilled about having their new puppy, but it’s imperative that they stay calm and attentive. Prior to their first interaction, teach your children how to properly handle a puppy. Some key rules are not crowding the puppy, grabbing his fur, snatching him away, or picking him up hastily. They should remain in a fixed position on the floor when the puppy is wandering about and the puppy will approach at their own pace.

How to Introduce Your Other Dog to the Puppy

It's best to bring the two dogs outdoors to a neutral location for their first encounter, far from your other dog’s “territory”. If it’s too soon to bring your pup out, take your other dog for a hike then bring your pup inside. Conceal all the toys, food, and treats that your other dog might be possessive over before he returns home. Then, bring the puppy out on a leash to meet your other dog.

Make sure to reward good behavior with vocal praise while the two dogs are engaging. Don’t use treats for now as they might start competing for them. Keep a watchful eye on them and if you see any tensions arising, redirect their attention with an easy command like “sit”. If you own two or more resident dogs, repeat this procedure with each of them.

How to Handle Mealtimes

Be sure to feed your puppy away from the other dogs until they have acclimated to one another. They'll be best buddies very quickly as long as they don’t fight over food!