Most Common Potty Training Mistakes To Avoid for Puppies

Just like how potty training a child is a challenging process, it is equally difficult to train a new pet around the house. However, this is an important process to prevent yourself from struggling in the future. Your pet peeing and pooing all over your house can be a real source of unhappiness and stress for you, so prevent yourself from going through that worry by focusing on training your pet well as soon as you can. We understand how the potty training process can be difficult, which is why we compiled some common potty training mistakes that you might run into so that you can avoid these mistakes! Potty training does not have to be a challenging process for you and your new pet.

Not Carrying Out Crate Training

Crate training is extremely important as it aids your pet to be safe and also expedites thepotty training process. However, you should get a crate that is large enough for your pet to stretch and move around to ensure the conditions are not unnecessarily cramped.

Not Supervising Your Pet

Keeping a close watch on your new puppy is extremely important because they display cues that indicate certain desires. For example, when they need to go, they might start whining and look more agitated. Pick up on these cues and closely supervise your pet when they go so that you can take note of the exact spot where they are excreting. This allows you to be more in touch with your pet and understand their needs better.

Not Praising Your Pet

Praising your pet is important because this helps them to know that they’re doing a good job by peeing outside the house instead of inside. Aside from verbal praises, give your pet some delicious treats to reaffirm the idea that they have done a good job.

Having Unfair Expectations

Potty training is a process and different dogs learn this at different paces. Do not get frustrated with your dog if potty training is taking them longer than expected and don’t impose any strict timeline on them. Being unrealistic with them will only cause unnecessary unhappiness and might manifest in you speaking to your new puppy in a harsh, rude tone.

Not Cleaning Stains

If your dog happens to pee or poo at home, treat the odor and any evident stains. Addressing the former is important because the scent is a huge reason why dogs choose to pee and poo at a certain location. If any scent from their accident lingers, it might encourage future accidents again. Use athorough cleaner to get the job done fast and effectively.

Not Using aSpecific Phrase

When you’re potty training your pet, use recurring phrases whenever you wish for them to go out and pee or poo. This can encourage them and can also be used as a cue in the future. Make sure to keep this phrase short so that it’s easier for their ears to pick up.