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We hear this question all the time. “Where do I find the most Comfortable, Soft, Comfy and Natural dog collar and harness?”
Let’s be honest, the market for pet gear is over saturated with poor quality products manufactured in countries like China and India. Most companies focus on profit and to make the least expensive product and sell it for the most amount of money. 

It is becoming obvious that not many businesses truly care about what the product is made of, how it is made, how it will feel on a pet and how it will impact our pets and our planet.

Best Sustainable Wear Brand

Best Sustainable Wear Brand
With today’s growing number of dogs suffering from allergies, skin disorders, autoimmune conditions etc. and pets wearing dog gear that is irritating, itchy and uncomfortable we feel it is critical to focus on our companions first. Everything that our pets come in contact with affects them. Everything from their food to the shampoo and dog gear they wear. All of these products are made of ingredients that are absorbed into their bodies and can either support their body’s immune system or weaken their body’s immune system.

Best Sustainable Wear Brand
We highly recommend buying products for your pet that are clean, comfortable and environmental friendly. How do you find those products? Companies that truly care about their pets will list exactly where their product is made, what materials are used and if they are environmental friendly or sustainable. If you don’t see this mentioned in their product description you can assume the product is from China. 

Best Sustainable Wear Brand

  HUND Denmark hand makes dog gear because it was impossible to find a product that was truly natural, comfortable and would not irritate a dogs' skin and fur.

HUND’s dog gear is made of natural leather sourced from century old tanneries in Italy that has been awarded the strict Environmental Friendly German Certificate “Blue Angel”.

Best Sustainable Wear Brand

The leather is made in a natural way without the use of heavy toxins to provide a finished product that has a chemical structure closest to dog’s own skin structure which makes the material hypoallergenic and ideal for dogs with skin and allergy sensitivities.

The leather is buttery soft to make it even more comfortable and appropriate to wear around the clock. To make the gear even more functional HUND specializes in round/rolled leather collars, harnesses and leashes with an inverted seam to prevent hair matting and pulling and to make a round leather product not only be functional but also stunning. Each collar, leash and harness is hand made with hand stitched details in Europe by experienced leather artisans.

Best Sustainable Wear Brand

Best Sustainable Wear Brand

 Next time you are shopping or surfing online, we recommend looking into the ingredients in the food, gear, toys you are considering to buy for your pet.  We all only want the best for our pets and I believe it is our responsibility as pet parents to do the research and ensure our pets get the best and most natural products.


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