Round or Rolled Leather Collars?

Read below to find out what makes the best round/rolled leather collar.

When it comes to your beloved canine companion, finding the right collar is essential. You want something that not only looks stylish but also protects your pup’s coat and skin. Let’s explore the key differences between “Round Leather Dog Collars” and “Rolled Leather Dog Collars.”

Rolled Leather Collars: Sturdy but Beware 

Crafted from Latigo Leather: Rolled leather collars are primarily made from Latigo Leather, known for its stiffness and durability. The round design effectively prevents hair matting.
  • Quality Concerns: However, many rolled leather collars use poor-quality leather typically from China and India. These subpar materials can be harsh on your dog’s sensitive skin and may not withstand wear and tear.
  • Toxin Risks: Collars manufactured in regions with lax leather quality standards might expose your pet to irritants and harmful toxins – a far cry from the natural essence of leather.
  • Not Ideal for Pullers: If your dog tends to pull, constant tension can lead to stretching and eventual breakage.
  • Choose Wisely: Opt for rolled leather collars labeled “Made in USA” or “Made in Europe” to ensure a high-quality, toxin-free product.
Round Leather Collars: Gentler and more Protective
  • Soft and Gentle: Round leather collars are crafted from softer leather, providing a gentler touch against your pet’s fur.
  • Coat Protection: Featuring a rope on the inside for added strength, these collars minimize friction and protect your dog’s coat.
  • Inverted Seam: The best round collars have an “inverted seam” to prevent hair pulling – no edging touches your dog’s fur.
  • Origin Matters: Look for products handcrafted in the USA or Europe. Clean leather avoids exposing your pup to toxins often found in imported leather.
  • Transparent Information: Manufacturers should clearly specify the collar’s origin on their website.

                       We recommend round leather collars. Here’s why:

  • Superior Comfort: Soft leather and padding ensure your dog’s comfort.
  • Stretching: Round collars perform better under pulling pressure.
  • Hair Matting Prevention: Say goodbye to tangled fur.
  • Skin-Friendly: Leather is softer and mimics a pet’s own skin chemistry, benefiting dogs with sensitivities and allergies. 

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