What is the Real Difference Between "Round Leather Collars" and "Rolled Leather Collars"?

When selecting the most coat/skin protective and anti matting collar for your furry friend, understanding the distinction between "Round Leather Dog Collars" and "Rolled Leather Dog Collars" is important in order to find the best performing collar for your pup's needs.

Rolled Leather Collars:
Rolled leather dog collars are primarily crafted from Latigo Leather, known for its stiff and rugged nature. Constructed from a single piece of leather stitched together with added rivets in the buckle area, they effectively prevent hair matting due to its round design. However, these collars often use poor quality leather, which can be harsh on your dog's sensitive skin and may not last very long. Collars manufactured in regions with lax leather quality standards may expose your pet to irritants and harmful toxins, contradicting the natural essence of leather.
Moreover, rolled leather collars are less suitable for dogs that pull, as constant tension can lead to stretching and eventual breakage. When opting for a rolled leather collar, prioritize those labeled "Made in USA" or "Made in Europe" to ensure a high-quality, toxin-free product.

Round Leather Dog Collars:
Round leather collars are typically crafted from softer leather, providing gentler contact with a pet's fur. Featuring a rope on the inside for added strength, even for strong pullers, these collars offer excellent coat protection by minimizing friction with their round design. To prevent even more hair pulling, the best round collar has an "inverted seam" so no edging is touching dogs fur. When choosing the round collar, it's essential to look for products handcrafted in the USA or Europe, using clean leather to avoid exposing your pup to toxins often found in imported leather from countries like China and India. Manufacturers should transparently specify the collar's origin on their website.

Which One is Best?
We generally recommend round leather collars due to their superior comfort, soft leather, and padding. They tend to perform better under pulling pressure, exhibiting less stretching and prevents more hair matting. Leather, resembling a pet's own skin chemistry, is a natural material that benefits pets with skin sensitivities and allergies.
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