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What is the Difference Between "Round Leather Dog Collars" and "Rolled Leather Dog Collars"?

Posted on November 09, 2018 by Anita Fuhrer | 0 Comments

What is the difference between “Round Leather Dog Collars” and “Rolled Leather Dog Collars?”

We often get asked if rolled leather dog collars are the same as round leather dog collars, and the short answer is NO.
There are many companies who list their products as rolled leather while their products are made of round leather and makers of round leather dog collars who list their products as rolled leather dog collars. Obviously, this can be a marketing strategy but as a business owner I believe honesty and transparency with customers are values that are very important to uphold for long term success.


Rolled leather dog collars are simply that, a piece of leather rolled and stitched together. These collars are typically made of Latigo leather that is tough and durable but can be a bit rough on a dog’s skin due to the roughness of the leather. Furthermore, the leather used for those type of collars are typically made in China or India and are loaded with chemicals. Since the pet has to wear their collar pretty much around the clock and their skin is the largest organ, all the nasty toxins get absorbed through their skin and enter their bodies. There goes the benefits of leather being the most natural and closest to a pet’s own skin chemistry. So in short, rolled leather dog collars do their job of preventing hair matting but they can be a bit tough on the skin and are typically only available in brown and black leather. Another downside to rolled leather is that it is not suitable for dogs that pull. Although, it is pretty durable, the constant pulling will expand the leather until it eventually breaks. When purchasing a rolled leather collar, I recommend looking for a “Made in USA” or “Made in Europe” label to ensure you are getting the highest quality product without the unnecessary toxins.

Round Leather Dog Collar
Round leather dog collars are typically made of softer leather on the outside and a robe on the inside. These collars are typically even nicer to prevent hair matting and are more durable due to the robe on the inside. Most of our competitors make round collars of a medium soft leather on the outside and a hard robe on the inside. It makes the collar quite stiff and not as comfortable for a pet. Most makers also have an outside stitching/edging on their collars that can rub against the dog’s hair/fur and contribute to matting.It is difficult to tell from a picture how soft a dog collar is, so make sure you read the product description to see what type of material has been used. It is also important to check what country the leather is from. Over 90% of leather is made in China so be ware of that.
Round Leather Dog Collars

We noticed that there was a need for a round dog collar that is 100% natural, comfortable and good looking so we created our BALDY Collection. Our Round Leather Dog Collars are made of Eco Friendly Leather made in Century Old Tanneries in Italy. The colors are derived from plants and not chemicals. It takes about 40 days to transform raw hides into unique, durable and versatile vegetable tanned leather. 90% of leather today is typically made in a couple of days using harsh chemicals.

HUND's tanning process is natural, environmentally friendly and combines Danish fashion with tradition as well as past with the future. 

So in the end, it may cost us a few more pennies per square foot of leather, but we feel that it is a small price to pay for leather that will last longer, is kinder to our companions as well as the earth.

HUND's leather has been awarded the German Blue Angel Certificate that guarantees a product to meet high standards when it comes to its environmental, health and performance characteristics. The final result is velvety soft luxurious leather in vibrant colors.

                                                  Round Leather Dog Collar

On the inside of the collar is a Nylon Robe to ensure the safety and durability. Last but not least, we have removed the outside stitching and replaced it with an inverted inside stitching so there is absolutely no edging to bother the dog’s hair.
Round Leather dog collars are overall a great option for dogs with longer hair/fur to prevent matting/pulling and irritation in the neck area. Like with any product your purchase today, educate yourself about the pros and cons of the different types of collars to make the best choice for your companion.

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