What Does a Newly Adopted Pup Need?

The Best Dog Collars are Comfortable and Durable

Part of adopting a new pet dog is buying all the supplies that will not only ease its transition into your home but also make it a member of your family. From comfy beds, adorable sweaters, to monogrammed bowls, it’s important to buy everything your dog needs. But the most important item when you become a pet owner is a dog collar.  

Buying the best dog collar is not just about picking up the cool stuff that makes your dog look dapper. Rather, it is about balancing your canine’s comfort with your desire to keep it safe. Apparently, all dog collars look the same in terms of designs and materials.

However, when you look closely at the collar’s structure or frame, you’ll find variation in the type of material and design This has a significant impact on durability, comfort, and functionality in the long run. Leather dog collars, in this regard, are the best choice if you are looking for comfortable, natural and durable collars. There are many types of leather collars so looking for an all natural leather without chemicals should become a priority. Rolled leather dog collars are the most comfortable since they are round and don’t cause any rubbing, irritation or fur matting.

Let’s dig down some reasons why your dog needs the best collar.

·       Comfort

There is nothing more important than the comfort of your dog. And if you are a beginner pet owner, the collar should be comfortable for the dog and for you to handle and manage your dog. Collar’s fitting, of course, is one of the most crucial comfort factors.

You need to make sure that your dog’s collar is of the right length and is according to the circumference of its neck. It is always better to measure the appropriate size of your dog’s neck and add two inches to it.

The reason why handcrafted Italian rolled leather dog collars are the best option is that they are soft and do not rub around pressure points. Plus, rolled leather dog collars are lightweight and help dogs get used to wearing collars.

·       Durability

The collar should feature high-quality materials and advanced workmanship if you don’t want it to degrade over time. No matter how much wear your pet doles out, the collar should remain closed securely, until you release the buckle yourself. That is why you need to buy a dog collar that is durable and long-lasting.

·       Safety

Remember that the purpose of the dog collar is to keep your pet safe when it goes outside. That is why the collar must include all the necessary information, such as its name, and your contact information.

This identification should be in a tag or embroidered onto a customized collar. The Identity information must be prominent so that it is intelligible and readable from a distance. This is so if your dog goes missing or is scared to let anyone come too close.

Bottom Line

All in all, your dog’s collar is important for plenty of reasons. Thus, comfort, durability, and safety are essential features of the best collars as they keep your dog care-free and happy.